Our daily schedule begins with 15 minutes of free play or sensory play where therapists place no demands on the children; rapport building between therapists and children is important during this play period.

Afterwards, we have a snack or meal followed by a play block where therapists interrupt each child's play with a variety of demands to complete a variety of tasks.  These can range from simple imitation of an action or chain of actions to competing academic table work for 1 to 10 minutes.  

Duration and complexity of demand is constantly varied in order to promote cooperation.  Trials are embedded throughout the day in a more naturalistic manner as well.

Overview of Therapeutic Approach

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Autism Therapy in Keller , TX

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) for Children with Autism

White Bridle Learning and Therapy follows a behavior analytic approach and utilizes a number of procedures and methodologies depending on the learner; the skill being taught; or the nature of a behavior problem being analyzed.

We primarily use discrete trial training and various forms of naturalistic learning in our therapy programs; but we also include techniques borrowed from Floortime, RDI and Son-Rise methodologies.

This flexibility allows for the greatest scope of effective interventions and the greatest probability of success.

Individual treatment objectives are created for each child based on their assessment data and are incorporated into scheduled activities for each child.

Most therapy takes place "one on one" in order to concentrate on each individual child's therapy goals - whether the therapy takes place in the therapy center or somewhere on the ranch.

Activities included in most children's therapy schedules include art, nature walks, music, group time, free play, play blocks, computer time, academics or pre-academics, balance beam activities, and learning games.

Children participate in cart driving with miniature horses during the week and therapy horseback riding on Saturdays.  We occasionally incorporate one of our minis into obstacle course work.

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