January 2007 – White Bridle began as a nonprofit corporation dedicated to serving our community and animals.


March 2009 – The Dallas Chapter of The Autism Society of America asked White Bridle to create an equine-facilitated program for children with autism and committed to scholarship funding.


September 2009 – White Bridle's therapeutic horsemanship program launched at the Las Colinas Equestrian Center. 

January 2010  - White Bridle partnered with Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation to provide a mobile program for children with autism that included therapeutic cart driving with miniature horses.  A number of key volunteers in this program were special education teachers from GPISD.

April 2014 - White Bridle moved to Rocky Top Ranch and launched a therapeutic riding program.

June 2015 - White Bridle launched our "for profit" ABA program that incorporated RBT's (registered behavior technicians); BCBA graduate students; and BCBA's in a unique and exciting way of providing ABA therapy.  The horses were included in this program, and naturalistic, activity based, learning became a key component of our program.  This enabled us to serve the needs of children with sensory processing issues (primarily very active children who need activity in order to learn).  It also enabled us to use the child's natural interests to build ABA learning programs that may someday lead to careers.

June 2016 - White Bridle launched the Brain Builder Program TM to provide activities for children with autism in an ABA setting.  Funding for this ongoing program is through MAXimum Chances Foundation in Grapevine, TX and corporate grants (presently this program is funded by Johnson & Johnson.

November 2018 - White Bridle purchased a house in Old Town Keller and moved ABA therapy services and the Brain Builder Program TM to that location.  Some of our therapy ponies moved to a leased location in Keller for our therapy and therapeutic riding programs.  We presently offer ABA swimming lessons a The Keller Pointe, and we use Keller Parks and the Keller Library for community outings for our clients in addition to having a large playground at our center.

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Of all of the things that I can say about White Bridle, the above statement says it all for me.  My mission to work with children with autism is a mission of love, compassion, and learning; and my life is well spent being with special children and teaching them in the way that they learn - which is different for every child.  My greatest joy is seeing them accomplish both great and small things; many times the small accomplishments lead to great ones.