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Many children with autism spectrum disorder need activity in their lives in order to compensate for sensory issues; so the Brain Builder Program TM gives them this opportunity while promoting group play and providing a fun applied behavior analysis environment.

Horseback riding is perhaps the most popular activity at White Bridle; and children participate in a 30 minute riding session that includes playing learning games on horseback; communicating with adults and other riders during their session; answering questions to promote the development of conversation for those with verbal skills; and yoga on horseback.

All children ride attended by three people - one leading the horse; and 2 side walking to ensure the safety of our clients.

Brain Builder Program TM

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) for Children with Autism

White Bridle's Brain Builder Program TM is an activity based, applied behavior analysis program that concentrates on social skills, communication skills, life skills, and activities that help children developmentally.

This program takes place on Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM and is sponsored by MAXimum Chances (  Scholarships to this program are based on income.  It is open to children with a diagnosis of autism who are between 2 and 12 years old.

Children who attend our weekday ABA therapy program are also eligible to participate in the Brain Builder Program TM on Saturdays.

Activities included in the Brain Builder Program TM are balance beam work; therapeutic horseback riding; nature walks; art; music; group time; free play; learning games; board games; and activities that promote improved social skills, communication skills and life skills.

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