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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) for Children with Autism

ABA Summer Camp begins on Friday June 2nd this year and ends on August 14th.  All of our part time and full time clients participate in summer camp in addition to students who attend other schools and want ABA therapy for the summer session.

We spend as much time as possible in the cool morning hours outside during summer camp.  We fill our pool with learning toys and create wonderful learning spaces on the ranch where children can learn in a more natural setting.

Those who like to be inside with the learning toys can spend more time inside; but our goal during the summer is to get our children outside as much as possible in a learning environment and provide fun learning activities for them.

Many summer camp activities take place centered around our therapy center when it's too hot to be outside; and we're just steps away from our covered riding arena; 2 large playgrounds; a petting zoo (if you like goats); and our therapy room with the balance beam and a large, mirrored wall that helps children visually see where they are in space as they work on their balance and coordination.  We also have our own kitchen and use it to teach baking skills, washing dishes, and other life skills.

Every child's therapy schedule includes play blocks where they're able to play with their favorite toys for a portion of the time.  Therapists interrupt the play blocks with discrete trials (i.e. table work that includes academics or pre-academics) and naturalistic learning (teaching in the environment in which one would use the skill).

We vary the duration and difficulty of the work tasks between the play time as a way to keep our clients moving forward in their programs in a compliant and happy manner.

Peer interaction is very important socially for children with autism, so we include neuro-typical  pre-teens to act as mentors; play with our clients; and assist us in therapy sessions.  This has had a significant impact improving our clients' social skills and has helped us keep the pace of our sessions brisk.

We include all of the activities that we do year round during summer camp and try to participate more in outdoor activities; equine activities and naturalistic learning (teaching in the environment in which we use the skill being taught).

Being active is very important when children are in a learning environment; so we create as many activity-based learning scenarios for our clients as possible and utilize our expansive property as much as possible.

For more information about summer camp, please contact us as early as possible as spaces are limited.

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